Salem Witch Trial Essay

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In 1962 was the time of the cruelty of the Salem Witch Trails had begun. At this time, people began to have hallucinations, delusions, they begun vomit, and have muscle spasms which was all caused by the fungus ergot. According to Blumberg, the fungus was found in rye, wheat and in other cereal. The people were not aware of the fungus ergot. They believed that the illness was all caused by witchcraft. This only lead to false accusations, of those who were believed to be a witch. These types of accusations harmed many innocent people because of the reliance on authority, their hasty judgement, white and black thinking, labeling, and resisting to change. To begin with, the people at this time relied on what was said by the authority, even …show more content…
They try to force the idea that the people who were being accuse of being witches were actually guilty. With this in mind, one person was pressed to death by stones for not wanting to testify (U.S History). By him not wanting to testify people had thought that he was against them and was helping the witches. Governor Phipps one of the ones who made the decisions. When minister Cotton Mather wrote a letter letting him know to no allow supernatural evidence, he had ignored it and had later question his wife of witchcraft (Blumberg). Another example, when the people who had confessed they were going back to his side and no longer were against him (U.S History). I believe that the way Governor Phipps was acting was caused by his black and white thinking.
In addition, labeling was a big part in the time of the Salem Witch Trails. Most females were labeled as witches because they had either confessed or they were accused by other who had said they seen them do witchcraft. Those who were Christian was well as other religious believed that the witches had sworn their loyalty to the devil to have the power to harm others (Blumberg). By labeling people to be witches twenty innocent people were executed including two dogs (U.S History). Labeling to be a witch and do witchcraft was one of the worst things to happen to you in the time of Salem Witch Trials in the

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