What Can You Do List Enables You At Mark Off The Tasks You Have Completed?

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Using a to-do list enables you to mark off the tasks you have completed. At the end of the day, when you look at the list, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and may have the effect of waking you up if nothing has been marked completed.
However, there are weaknesses if you set yourself difficult deadlines, which are impossible. This can cause a problem as you will not be able to do the task and it will cause issues which means you will be behind. As well as, this means you wouldn 't have a clear idea when you will complete the task.
I have used my planning tools by ensuring that I stay on track and check the tasks I have completed whilst ensuring I do more each week as stated earlier to meet my deadlines at a high standard and manage my time well. I am ahead of my plan as stated earlier. The improvement I could have done is to set shorter deadlines for my tasks. Although, the way I set the tasks were better as it caused less stress and I am nearly done with my units.
Also, to create the Gantt Chart I was told by the teacher how to use it. This is a new software, which I haven 't used before, which developed further ICT skills. This is a software, which is good for the future. For instance, projects in universities or for a job. This was a formal planning technique, which lists all the tasks I need to complete, the time I should take to complete them and the dates when I should start each task. This provided me with deadlines, which I would need…

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