What Building Of Iowa State 's Campus Should Your Family And You Visit During Your Visit

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What building on Iowa State’s campus should your family and you visit during your visit? I recommend your family and you to visit the tall building called the Molecular Biology Building, which is located on Pammel Drive in the northwest corner of campus. Everyone in your family including yourself should take a look at the 12-foot terra cotta sculptures that stand on top of each corner of the Molecular Biology Building (Building Information: Molecular Biology Building). There are numerous buildings around Iowa State Campus have extremely distinctive designs. Each design in each building has very deep construals to understand the purpose and history of the building. One of the buildings that stood out was from an artist named Andrew Leicester who designed the G-Nomes on top of the Molecular Biology Building because the G-Nome Project fully combines architecture and art in this particular building to promote the molecular biology program to Iowa State’s undergraduates and campus visitors like you (G-Nome Project). This artwork has promoted the molecular biology program since 1992 because the title has multiple meanings (Molecular Biology Building).

The G-Nome is plenary of meaning because Andrew Leicester’s title, The G-Nome Project, is a play on two relevant words genome and gnome. One of the words is genome, which is a scientific term for a complete set of chromosomes in a cell or organism. In other words, a genome is the haploid set of chromosomes in a gamete. The second…

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