What Are The Reasons For Mouth Cancer Essay

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Research Questions:
1. What are the reasons for mouth cancer?
2. How effective are the treatments for mouth cancer?
3. How to avert mouth cancer?
4. What are the effective measures taken against mouth cancer?
The main reason behind choosing this topic is our keen interest in health and disease and when we saw the mortality rate due to cancer, it made us think to work on it. So we as a group of three candidates decided to spread awareness about mouth cancer. We decided to work on this and make an effort from our side to help our society.
Oral cancers can develop in:
1. the gums,
2. the tongue,
3. the palate,
4. under the tongue,
5. The skin lining the mouth or the lips.

There are approximately 5000 cases that are
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The people who are chain smokers or drink alcohol and chew tobacco are at a heavy risk of getting oral cancer.
3. Exposure of lips towards sun for long periods can cause cancer. Smoking increases the risk of head and neck cancer.
Methods of treatment
There are three methods of treating mouth cancer:
Surgery to eradicate the tumor in the mouth or throat is a frequent treatment for oral cancer. At times the surgeon also removes lymph nodes in the neckline. Patients may have surgery alone or in combination with radiation therapy.
Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) is a form of treatment which affects cells only in the treated area. It may be used before surgery to shrink the tumor and kill cancer cells. It also may be used after surgery to destroy cancer cells that may remain in the area.
Radiation therapy consists of high-energy emission of rays to kill cancer cells.
Anticancer drugs are used in Chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells. It is called systemic therapy because it enters the bloodstream and can affect cancer cells throughout the body. A new embattled therapy called cetuximab, which blocks a development factor upon cancer cells which may depend on either alone or in combination with radiation and older chemotherapy
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This means that you have to just take a handy mouth mirror and check the areas those are hard to check. Like the areas that are back of the tongue and if you see any suspicious- lumps, bumps, tender areas, white, red, grey patches, go to dentist and have it checked.
• Choose cancer- fighting foods in your diet: food like beans, dark green vegetables, berries, cruciferous vegetables.
FUTURE SCENARIO: If people do not know about prevention of mouth cancer then soon there will be increase in the number patients and deaths because of mouth cancer. This is the main reason why we have made pamphlets and website giving information about mouth cancer. Pamphlets will help to give information to a selected area, whereas anyone in the world can visit the website. So even a small number of populations read about our information than they can spread these in their area and can save many lives affecting from mouth cancer.’

This is our contribution to our society and hopes that every person in this world is aware about mouth cancer and so do not suffer from mouth cancer.

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