What Are The Principles Of Management And What Makes Up A Good Leader?

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The Principles of Management
There are many differing theories and approaches to defining and understanding management and what makes up a good leader. Some theories believe that individuals were born with a natural instinct to manage or lead people, while other theories believe it is a learned skill through education and or developed the skills over years of experience. Reflecting on my experience, skills learned, and from the interview with my manager, I have compiled the foundational requirements for being a successful manager in today’s environment. Whereas leadership appears and looks differently for everyone, there is a lot that goes into being a good manager, given that there are many differing theories and approaches to defining and understanding management. A typical manager is characterized by foundational requirements which consist of leadership, personality/relationships, change management, a motivator, decision making, and effective at communication as well as knowing yourself.
Foundational Requirement to Being a Good Manager Over the course of my twenty years’ experience in a management role, from research, and from a current manager interview, I believe the foundation of management starts with being an effective leader and communicator, having knowledge of situational leadership (personality), someone with the ability to motivate others, an individual that identifies the appropriate decision making style in making decisions, is an influencer, and…

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