Integrated Delivery System

Features That Enable ACO’s To Control Cost and Improve Quality of Care-Integrated Delivery Systems Integrated delivery systems aligns themselves with hospitals, and physician based practices to improve cost and quality of care for the Accountable Care Organizations, (ACO). With the evolving of the Affordable Care Act, (ACA), it will have a direct correlation of the delivery of service through hospitals or physician based practices. The ACO feature of integrated delivery systems will ascertain efficient and coordinated quality care. Integrated delivery systems has the feature that helps to maintain cost, while maintaining quality of care. According to Kocher, Robert, 2010, it stated that with the demands initiated by the ACA, it will cause …show more content…
Medicare requires certain technology infrastructures to be in place to validate services provided. Medicare will reimburse the ACO’s for complicated diagnoses. However, the negative is Medicare does have capitations for certain diagnosis-related groups. The other negative is the reversal of paymenst if criterias are not followed. The healthcare recipients must use the providers in their network. If one selects to go outside of their network, they may be in jeopardy of inferior healthcare and incurring personal cost. It has been established that in high areas of Medicare reimbursements, it yields lower unnecessary care being provided by the ACO healthcare …show more content…
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