What Are The Importance Of Video Games In The Classroom

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important than the content within the pipe” (Siemens) basically saying that in an environment like today’s schooling where we have to learn new material fast, we need to start changing how we deliver the information to the students in a way that can be quicker than a lecture but still offer retention. This is where and why video games become important. As we saw in Bavelier’s Ted Talks video, video games can promote improvements in the mind when played in reasonable time frames on a regular schedule. As we saw in her experiments with the people who participated, the improvements they made were “still there five months after having done the training” (Bavelier) showing video games can offer extensive retention of the information they provide. …show more content…
To show how it can let’s look at an example of a successful integration between classroom curriculum and video game using a more connectivist way of thinking.
In the classroom projects can be hard to get done Especially when you count in the cost for supplies, time needed to get the project going, and making sure the students know what to do for the project. This is one of the biggest reasons why video games can be a benefit in the classroom especially with how fast we need to learn material today and for some schools this is with shortened class times. Nick Dekanter explores the idea of gaming in the classroom in his article “Gaming Redefines Interactivity for Learning” talking about how our culture evolves with technology and how today an average student has a digital device for all letters of the alphabet and how “today’s learning generation is extremely game literate”, (28). So we know for definite that when one of these kids are not at school, they are probably playing a good two hours of some sort of action game. To put the two together, Dekanter and his team created a game called Making History. The game was just a varied version of a strategy game (a 3rd person view game where you control all the decisions for your side of
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Christopher Paul (a college professor) has been doing just that by using the game World of Warcraft in his class in the snippet article “VIDEO GAMES ARE HARD” where he uses the game as a learning experiment more than as the game itself. Having the whole class play immediately dissolved the barrier between smartest student and least smart student especially if neither played the game. This project was to instead of teaching a certain topic, promote group work and connections between students and teacher. “When students have to play games as homework, they often find connections with people they may not ordinarily work with in a traditional classroom”, (Paul) Paul shows here that Since WoW needs group interactivity for some tasks, sometimes during a homework dungeon mission you might need to ask a classmate for help. The game makes it easy by instead of having to email the classmate now you can just instant message them in the game adding into this is the bondage created from the cooperation needed to complete tasks such as dungeons where someone’s the healer and the damage dealing people have to keep communications with them when they need healing. Although the project is not educational in content, it is very rich in the cognitive functions you need to use to complete it. Overall though the use of WoW promoted communication between classmates

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