What Are The Five Key Elements Of Our Leadership? Essay

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1.Why is leadership important?
In a competitive business environment, effective leadership is an essential requirement in order to achieve organizational goals. To do this, leaders must be able to provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their team.
2. What are the five key elements in our leadership definition? How do the elements interrelate to form this definition?
The five elements are discipline, support, creativity, insight, and values. With these elements one can inspire and motivate others all while achieving the crucial goals that are in business.
3.Are leaders born or made, and can leadership skills be developed?
I believe that leaders are both born and taught. Some individuals have an innate gift to step and lead. Others have had great examples to pull from and are taught how to be a great leader. To develop these skills you must have discipline, support, creativity, insight, and values. It takes practice and patience. One does not become an effective leader the first time, it is about trial and error, it is about research to find what has worked for others and what hasn’t. Some leaders go to seminars and retreats to sharpen their skills and have their subordinates do surveys to see how effective they are.
4.List and define the interpersonal managerial leadership roles.
There are three interpersonal managerial roles; figurehead, leader and liaison. The figurehead performs social and legal duties, all while acting as a figurative leader. They greet…

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