The Importance Of Obesity In America

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Has anyone ever just decided to come home from work and order a pizza? Or forget their workout and watch television? America is becoming more used to doing what is simple. The growing trend is to eat what is easy and cheap to get your hands on. Doing this has become normal for many people in America. It may seem harmless if you do it every once in awhile, but if you do this too often you could begin to gain weight and have an increased BMI. The trend of obesity in America is rising. Now the government has taken action in our schools, particularly with the schools meals and their nutritional values; they have done this in order to stop the trend. With the changes in meals at schools very little effect has been made to the health of the students. …show more content…
Growing fruits and vegetables takes a long time and a lot of attention. Unhealthy food is cheap and can be quickly made. Reducing the cost of growing and shipping would be beneficial. This can be done by growing the food near where the demand is. At every single gas station there is almost always candy where you pay. People become used to eating the kind of food they can get at a gas station and forget to eat healthy. Growing up eating unhealthy leads to being a grownup and eating unhealthy (Childhood Obesity United States). The change starts with parents feeding their children healthier meals more regularly. To make fruits and vegetables cheaper would most likely reduce the BMI of America. The opportunity of eating healthy is only truly possible when an individual makes enough money to do …show more content…
This is what will likely change what is now considered normal by most. Unhealthiness is considered normal by many in America and is accepted nearly everywhere. Many want the image of America to change. The children must make a decision to change from the habits of their parents. Eating healthy is a must if a person wishes to stay healthy and mostly fit. If changes are not made, the trend in America will continue. If no difference is made, America will become bigger and less healthy and the generations to come will likely become used to obesity. If what is suggested above is done, children in the future will likely be healthier and not overweight. If it is disregarded, the BMI of the nation will likely continue to rise. With the average weight rising more and more view America as obese and

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