What Are The Effects Of Children In Poverty Essay

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Every 3 seconds, a child dies of hunger, and diseases. A child in poverty is difficult to find; therefore, requires a lot of attention and support. There are 87,000 children in poverty who are in need of support. But the society is trying to avoid and refusing to acknowledge the problems.
Children in poverty get a growth issue by affecting a child physically, psychologically, and socially.

Poverty and malnutrition have an effect on a child’s physical development. Some impoverished children are born with birth defects and increase their risk of hospitalization. They get born smaller, thinner, and weaker than richer children. Because of the less protein that was received while the babies were in vitro, this leads to a slower growth rate. Also,
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Mother’s education level gets more affected the child in poverty, compared to the household income. There are two different types of risks and one of them is the short-term emotional. A child is in need of a quality times with their mother in order to have a social competence. A mother interacts with their child, but showing negative symptoms of their depression and anxiety makes a child to have difficulties in understanding emotions. These problems can be notified when a child starts entering a school and starts to have some difficulties while interacting with others. The second type of risk is the long- term demographic. In contrast, demographic risk happens when a mother does not spend any time with their child. Less quality time with the mother gives negative behaviours towards others. Demographic risk cannot be predicted when a child enters a school, and symptoms can give a child a low self-esteem. Low self-esteem makes a child to have difficulties getting interaction with others. Mother’s income level is not that important as mother 's education does. In order to make a child to succeed and have a better social development, it is important to spend quality time with a

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