What Are The Disadvantages Of Racism In Society

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In today’s world many people are afraid of each other because they are different. Being different such as having a different skin color or race would force society to blatantly judge each other. Although through time and hard work many people have attempted to rid of racism in America but it still exist in today’s world. Due to many people having different races it will put them at a disadvantage in today’s society. Being a different race in America would have a negative disadvantage to them due to the prejudice of law enforcement, school systems, and court systems. Racism is among the people and the law enforcements of the society especially for black people. In the law enforcements of today the majority of blacks are aimed at and focused …show more content…
School in society is an environment where students come to learn and prosper on knowledge. But according to daily news it has been shown as a place where black kids are suspended or expelled from. An article on “The School-to-Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool” written by Mychal Denzel Smith, he stated that “Black students are suspended or expelled at a rate three times higher than white students. Twenty percent of black boys and 12 percent of black girls face out-of-school suspensions.” (Smith). This can show that many schools are being suspicious of black students. Since suspending the kids would result in them leaving school for multiple days or weeks it can leave them behind in work which could lead to a lesser potential at being successful. Also three times higher than whites is 300% more. This means that blacks being suspended which would leave the white students with much more ability to achieve greater success. Plus many black girls in school do not cause great commotion as well. But it was shown in statistics that “The majority of black girls who have been suspended got kicked out for being loud, even if they weren’t being disrespectful.” It’s consistent with the way school discipline is meted out: black students’ behavior is interpreted as more threatening”(Smith). Being punished for something very little is also a disadvantage for these black girls. Just because they were loud they were suspended which means they would later then be forced to miss school and knowledge. Racism still exists since many people view blacks as being more aggressive and threatening. These school examples show that being a different race could mean the inequality and racism in the daily schools of

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