What Are the Differences Between Newspapers and Magazines?

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In modern society, the growing importance of the mass media is linked to its deep and varied impact on people’s everyday life. Mass media creates and distributes knowledge about the world, today’s society, and its principles of organization and functioning. Mass media invents and reproduces styles and normative forms of behavior; and therefore, it actively participates in the formation of social reality. It is also important that present mass media is divided into different divisions using different forms of information appearance such as radio, television, internet, printed press. Along with this, printed press is one of the oldest categories of media and communication. Again, print also has such types of it as newspapers and magazines. …show more content…
Magazines are more colorful than newspapers, because newspapers have tendency to use only black and white colors. The quality of paper used in production of newspapers is lower than the class of paper used in the magazine publishing. Newspapers have more thin and rough papers, while magazines’ papers are very dense and smooth. The majority of magazines are a lot longer than a newspaper, from a few dozen pages to a few hundred. Normally newspapers are not more than 12 to 24 pages in length and some of them can be only 1-2 pages. The most general and significant visual difference between a magazine and a newspaper is the front cover or titular page. Magazines usually have a cover that includes the name of the publication, date, pictures, illustrations, and headlines or themes’ names about what is inside of that publication. Newspapers’ first page in general contains the name and several articles right on the front, and newspapers do not have separate cover. In the main, magazines look more attractive for younger audience, because for older audience content is more important that visual attractiveness. Furthermore, one of the central differences among magazines and newspapers is price. Price of particular magazine or newspaper defines their attractiveness to potential buyer. Magazines are relatively expensive as they are made of costly paper that may be glossy, as it is mentioned before; magazines also contain colorful photos

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