Louis Pasteur Accomplishments

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It is rare to find someone that is a master of their trade, but when it came to saving lives through disease research Louis Pasteur is one. Throughout his entire life he stayed around educational institutions and universities. His career was very long and consisted of lots of research and much time spent in laboratories. Described as a man who would do anything for his trade, at times he was even said to put his life at risk to do his research. Countless lives have been saved due to Pasteur’s discoveries and will continued to be saved in the future. His work truly changed the world. Louis Pasteur is a very influential scientist in history because of his discovery of the germ theory, inventions of the rabies and anthrax vaccines, penicillin, …show more content…
Although he was described as difficult to deal with and his ethics had been questioned at times he was truly innovative and saved millions of lives with his discoveries. He helped bring to the word the germ theory, anthrax and rabies vaccination, the miracle drug of penicillin, and the renowned pasteurization process. He was truly a pioneer for his time and is a scientist whose work commonly goes unrecognized. Without his discoveries science and medicine would not can do many things and diseases that are no longer considered problems would still be running rampant among our societies. Also, without Partiers germ theory the importance of everyday things such as sewer systems, treated water and hygiene would still be under developed. He showed the world that you don’t have to come from a wealthy background or do extraordinary in school to change the world. He showed ambition, courage, and most importantly dedication to his craft which is more than most scientists of his era can say. Louis impact on society is not one that sons should be forgot, but remembered and celebrated so that we as a people can enjoy our lives as we have them today. As our current society faces medical issues of its own new pioneers in their field will arise and live up to the legacy that Pasteur left behind. The groundwork that he laid will allow the scientists of today to improve our quality of life even more and extend our life expectancy a little long. Somewhere out there is another Louis Pasteur waiting to revolutionize the world with their own original thoughts and Ideas. This is an era I look forward too and expect great thing for me and for future generations to witness and

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