Why Do Women Wear Stereotypes

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Stereotypes are just stereotypes The town called Whileaway, women who lived for six hundreds years without males finally met six men who is from other place. The existence of male surprised women who have not seen men in their entire life. On the other hand, men astonished by the fact that women do not follow such stereotypes that men already had in their mind. With some conversation between males and females, they find out that they would not likely to be co-exist together, male just go back to their own town to be ready for their own fight. Like this, nowadays, some men try to distinguish women with some stereotypes, but it would not fit in every time. We have stereotypes for women in skills. If you think about skill for women what would …show more content…
Men had stereotype on how women suppose to wear, but the author did not follow with that stereotype. In these days, women care about the wearing a lot. And there are so many different types women can wear: leggings, jeans, skirts, or shorts. They would want to wear to look great with those wearing, just like a bride. Therefore we could have stereotype on women’s clothing. But in the story women did not wear like that, they had some clothing to be more comfortable and practical which breaks our stereotype on how women wear and try to have good presentation on their looks. This stereotype This story was build very firmly to break the reader’s stereotype on women. With all those stereotypes that I have been mention previously will support the idea that stereotypes on women do not follow in the story. Joanna Russ wanted to destroy stereotypes on women such as skill, jobs, and dress, and say it does not fit perfectly in real life. We all have stereotypes on women, but those are just stereotypes. We must realize it would not fit it most time. We need to understand and acknowledge of difference between stereotypes and real life. We need to come out of the boundary that we have made and accept stereotype are not

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