Essay on What (and How) We Should Eat

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What (and How) We Should Eat It is no surprise that with the increased popularity in fast food chains, America’s obesity rate has dramatically increased. In a survey done by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), obesity is the number two cause of preventable death, with approximately sixty-two percent of American adults overweight, up from thirty- two percent in 1994 (Profiling Food Consumption in America). In Susan Brink and Elizabeth Querna’s article “Eat This Now”, they discuss how this generation will be affected by increasing obesity rates. The increased rate of child and teen obesity shows that the average lifespan is predicted to drop from an average of 77 years to 71 years (“Eat This Now”). The way and what …show more content…
To maintain a healthy diet, it is essential to watch what one consumes. Graham Ulmer MS specializes in Exercise Science and Certified Strength Conditioning. He reveals in his article that the average healthy adult needs between 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day to support their energy levels (Caloric Intake of a Normal Person). Many choose to ignore this number. In her revealing article, Michelle Kulas, a SEO expert, nurse and dental assistant she exposes the true amount of calories eaten daily by Americans. The average American eats approximately 2,700 calories daily, this is an increase by twenty-five percent since the 1970’s (How Many Calories Does the Average American Eat?). “Food is comforting”, is the common excuse people use when eating excessive numbers of calories. Even though many believe this to be a fact, it simply only hurts one’s body in the long run. A huge, unhealthy calorie consumption factor comes from processed foods.
It is important to maintain a healthy diet, but sometimes watching what we eat can be a challenge. Almost every food today is processed in some way. Dr. Lisa Ford, who has been a family practitioner for twelve years, defines what processed foods are. “Processed foods are foods that have been tainted by hormones, preservatives, unnatural genetic material, additives, and chemical or heat treatments. This removes the natural, healthy products like enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, and

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