Essay on What's Up with Pasta

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The evolution of the Spanish pasta market has not gone according to the expectations of the Spanish Association of Pasta Producers (AEFPA). They believe that the current consumption of 4 kg per person can be increased up to 5 kg per person within in the next two years but, the reality is that the expected boom, hasn’t come true. To push the demand forward the AEFPA has decided to run a high profile campaign in an effort to increase the consumption of pasta.

In order to be successful the AEFPA require information on:
- The market: quantitative data to establish a broader picture of the market in terms of market share and distribution: how much pasta is sold in Spain Vs similar markets, where is it sold: geographically and point of sale,
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3º) The consumer input: This is the most important one, for it is the most unknown:
- Consumer profile: Identify the core target: buyer and consumer: Who are the main buyers?, young mothers?, single males?, students?, who do they buy it for?, themselves? children?...
- Consumer habits: When, how often and how pasta is eaten: Why consumption drops in spring, summer and early autumn?, why they choose to shop at the smaller markets?, proximity?, looking for a special brand or price offers?, how do they cook it?...
- Consumer perception: positive and negative associated values: Why do / don’t they eat pasta?, taste?, alimentary values: protein vs. fat,? price?, easy/ fast to cook?...
These three stages of inputs are not chronologically sequenced, and the same survey could answer most or few of these questions.

Our recommended METHODOLOGY research plan would include a previous study of current sales figures, to see if we can establish more prominent consumer groups through it (breaking down the figures per segment as previously stated) then we would start collecting more information:

1º) Survey research: to try to identify the profile of the consumer / buyer. The broader the sample the better. Research tools that are less intrusive and with the widest reach would be preferred, for example an on-line questionnaire with very fast questions just to

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