Analysis Of Ros Before Hos: The Guy Code

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In the “Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code”, Kimmel had listed a list of “Guy Code”. She mentioned that “being a boy means they should not give up on what they are doing as well as not giving in on anything. They should be strong, be aggressive, show no fear, and show no mercy. They have to get rich, get even, and win on everything that they are doing.” Kimmel said that these rules is the code of masculinity that every guys are expected to follow. After reading her article, it makes me realize that we also have these kind of expectation that the community expect all the women to follow in the country that I used to live, Vietnam. Not only the old generation, but in my generation there still a lot of family that do not expect their daughter …show more content…
I did not find it is fair to force all the women to follow these rule, and it will cause a lot of problem if they are continuing to doing that. When Kimmel said in her article “the Guy Code fits as comfortably as a straightjacket.” (para. 30), I think what she means by that is the straightjacket make every guy look good when they are wearing it, but it is not comfortable to wear. It is the same as the Guy code. When “guy” follow these Guy Code, it will make them look good by other people, but not all guy feels comfortable when follow these code. They should feel stressful that they have to go by these rules and maybe even feel overwhelmed by it. The women will feel exactly the same ways with the men when they have to follow these Girl Codes. These guidelines tend to restricts their freedom as a human. They have so little choice for them to choose when they have to follow these rule to make them look good as a woman, even they may not like them. In current time, if they keep follow these rule, they will not be able to run their marriage and have their life the way that they wanted it to be. In this difficult economic time, they could not depend on their man to run a whole family because it will not guarantee that their man will be able to find a job. And if they did, it still not guarantees that they could keep the business running or have a high salary to run the family on their own. It is very important that the women laid their hand in running their family by finding job and go to work. Otherwise, they have to looking for a man who is a millionaire in order to not worry about how they can make their family running without go to

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