Wendell Berry's Faustian Economics Argument

The phrase, “the sky is the limit,” although very corny, Wendell Berry discusses the meaning and importance of limits in today’s society in his essay, “Faustian Economics”. Berry believes that too much advancement may be divergent. In Berry’s credit, limits allow us to value what society gives us but on the other hand, limitlessness allow us to grow outside the known realm of knowledge and therefore advance our society; all done by taking risks. Although I believe some of Berry’s opinions and views of limitlessness in our society are correct, I feel parts of his argument have a few holes in which I disagree. Let’s take a look.
Berry does have an accurate view of our current economic and social life. Berry is right on points when he explains
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The moral problem of this is selfishness. This type of society is thinking only of the present rather the future and the effects it has on future generations. This society makes impulse decisions based on their wants instead needs. On the other hand, a society that practices limits and makes choices based on limits is being smart and efficient. The inherent moral problem with acting as if limits don’t exist is quite foolish and only leads to problems with society, especially when it comes to our ecosystem.
Another question that needs to be asked is if Berry describes an economic system that is valid and sustainable. Berry does not describe an economy that is very feasible and there is no way that American’s are not going to “reach of the stars.” First off, without some kind of limitlessness attitude we would not be where we are today when it comes to advancement in technology. Berry wants us all to sit back and not do too much. His believe is that knowledge through science leads to infinite regression. In 1991-2000 there was a huge expansion because of the new technology of computers and the
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Does our economy have the potential for limitless growth? There are areas in which our economy, nationally and globally, has the potential for limitless growth. One area that stands out among all others is science. Berry on the other hand doesn’t believe science is what progresses our society and helps us become more sufficient. Science and technology is what helps drive our economy above and beyond as time goes on. Science is always progressing and as long as we have people willing to help develop these new technologies and our economy will continue to grow. Berry believes that “improvement by outward expansion may not long be a good idea” and that our society should remove some of the emphasis on science and technology and focus more on the arts of this great

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