Illegal Immigration Reform

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America is in need of a reform of the immigration system. As of 2013, there were about 41.3 million immigrants living in the United States, which broke the record. That is about 13% of the entire US population. Just in 2013, 990,553 people were granted lawful permanent residence, or LPR, in the United States. In 2012, it was reported that 11.4 million illegal immigrants were living in the US. As much as I’d love to see people live in the land of the free, America cannot jeopardize their own citizens’ jobs, education, and public assistance to cater to non-US citizens. Many times foreign born students can even get breaks on their tuition just because they are foreign. Why do American born citizens not get a special tuition break for growing …show more content…
This reform needs to address the issues of family-based chain migration, unskilled immigration, and job competition. America needs to care for its most vulnerable citizens by limiting illegal immigration and unskilled legal immigration and employers need to be held accountable for hiring illegal workers. Turning our head and not addressing illegal immigrants, encourages more and is unfair to those living here legally. Deporting all of the immigrants already here would be very expensive. I do not think that we need to get rid of all of those already here, which will cost more on our part, but we should heighten security in order to keep more illegal immigrants from coming into our country. Slowly deporting illegal immigrants is important because if we just turn our head to it, we are supporting illegal actions. We do not turn our head when someone is murdered, which is also illegal, so why should we do it when it comes to immigration. Simply allowing these illegal people to become legal causes more problems in the long run. If there are no consequences then it will just keep happening. During Reagan’s administration America saw one of the biggest declines of undocumented immigrants, without spending a ton of money on border control. If the minimum wage is raised, the number of illegal workers will

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