`` Well Behaved Women ' : A Reflection On How She Believes Her Slogan

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Essay 1
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s essay “Well Behaved Women” is a reflection on how she believes her slogan “Well behaved women seldom make history” became so popular within a community of individuals, all of which believe the slogan relates to them. To utilize the meaning of this slogan, many companies, bloggers and artists have created media using the slogan, one of which will be discussed within this analysis of Ulrich’s viewpoint on the issues of her slogan. The image that will be discussed in depth is a picture of two young women attempting to enter a restricted area, as indicated by the “Do Not Enter” sign on the fence, by one hoisting the other up over the fence. These young women seem to be very happy with what they are doing; judging by the smile on the one doing the lifting’s face. The fact that this image is used with Ulrich’s slogan pasted onto it alludes to a meaning of the slogan that perhaps many people think the quote is meant to signify; that women can only make history if they misbehave and break the social norms put upon them within society. However, this concept of what the slogan may connote is only a piece of what Ulrich believes to be the main purpose of her quotation; that this saying is truly ambiguous, and each individual creates their own meaning of the message it gives.
Within her essay, Ulrich asserts how she views the purpose of her slogan by stating “My runaway sentence now keeps company with anarchists, hedonists, would-be witches, political…

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