Essay on Welfare Reform : The National Welfare System

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The National Welfare System, established in 1935, supports over a hundred million financially struggling Americans a year. Recent congressional and presidential debates have brought to attention a call for welfare reform. Supporters of the reform argue that the current welfare system drains American taxpayers, creates a weak economy, and increases social instability. Because the current system is unmonitored and unstable, thousands of American citizens, whom do not need government assistance, abuse and depend on the program. Welfare reform will not only eliminate the program abusers, it will also save taxpayers billions in dollars, strengthen the economy, and reduce the income gap and form better communities – decreasing social instability. According to recent data, 35.4% - almost two-fifths - of the country depends on welfare (Statistic Brain Research Institute). Since the 2008 recession, opponents of the welfare reformation argue that the private job sector has failed the American public and force citizens out of labor; however, the same opponents also argue that the economy has currently taken a turn for the better. Though opponents argue that the economy is better, current statistics show the welfare expenses from 2008 to 2015 has increased by at least $5.1 billion (US Government Spending). According to Forbes website, since 2008, the number of paupers has actually amplified – meaning more Americans are currently on welfare than when the recession first hit…

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