Effects Of Getting Paid To Do Nothing Essay

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Getting paid to do Nothing: Problem Solution essay Imagine a nation with everyone in poverty, with everyone struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately that world is closer than we think. In August of this year around 110. 489, 000 people in the Unites states was on welfare. (2) There is also around 41,700,000 people on food stamps and 10,200,000 people living on unemployment insurance.(2) If you add these numbers up you are looking at about 35.4% of the United States population. As a nation we spend approximately $131,900, 000,000 dollars on welfare each year.(2) That number is not including food stamps. The united states has massive amounts of debts to other nations but yet we can ship out 131 trillion dollars on welfare. There are many …show more content…
There has been some reforms in progress for the abuse. Around seven states have become on board with the drug testing act, to receive welfare.(3) Within these seven states, they were able to weed through applicants and give to those who are in need, and are not people that are using the welfare properly. There was many people they stopped from abusing the system to have many more that need the system have more money. However, it backfired more than anyone would ever consider. With the thousands saved for those in need to use was washed away. They may have been able to save some founding on people that don’t deserve it, but it costed those states thousands and millions on drug testing material. With all the money being spent, on the drug test for all applicants, made these states actually spend more than if the left the drug users getting assistants. (3) The numbers of positive applicants was not as high as many of the boards though. In Oklahoma there are around 3,342 welfare applicants and around 297 of them were tested positive for some sort of drug. (3) Although the number was not as high as expected that is still a high percentage of people who have been cut from welfare. Unfortunately, Oklahoma had roughly $385,872 on testing. About $185,219 of the testing budget came right out of the OKlahoma state medicaid budget, According to an Oklahoma Department of Human Services spokesmen. (3)With these seven states have such big deficits many other states decided against testing and other

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