Raising Minimum Wage In America

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America does not have a shortage of money. The U.S. Treasury produces money everyday but where does it all go? People are homeless and starving and working for unfair wages while others are living easily. The one percent sits on top of the struggles of the middle and lower class. We live in the land of equality that does not seem equal. This is not “liberty and justice for all”. There is a solution to this problem; raising the minimum wage (10). It’s such a simple solution that will save generations of Americans to come. In order to demolish poverty in America, lawmakers and legislation need to focus on raising the national minimum wage. If people are living on or below the poverty line, their cycle continues and creates the future generation of lower class citizens who have little chance of climbing up the economic ladder into a more successful lifestyle. The current national minimum wage is America is seven dollars and twenty-five cents per hour of work according to Nick Wang of the Huffington Post. This is an acceptable amount of money for a teenager who wants some cash to spend at the mall. This is not a livable wage for an adult. Working forty hours a week cannot make enough to cover all of the costs of living. In my English class, students tried to …show more content…
Instead of money mindlessly being spent at horrid places such as Wal-Mart, America should focus on giving more to worthwhile organizations and causes (18). For starters, money should be going towards raising the national minimum wage. It has already been established that it is impossible to live off of eight dollars which is seventy-five cents more than the national wage. Secondly, money should be going towards improving welfare and other help programs. Peter Edelman of the New York Times states that money is disappearing from helpful programs. This is a serious problem since many of the lower class citizens depend on programs such as welfare and food

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