Welcoming Stakeholders And The School Mission Essay

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Welcoming Stakeholders and the School Mission
First of all, my school, San Pasqual Academy (SPA), does not have a mission statement Approximately four years ago, I remember participating in a discussion during a school staff meeting about the need for a mission statement, but no one has ever followed through on the conversation. Also, our campus, which is a residential school for foster youth run as a collaboration between multiple partner agencies, does not have a mission statement.

My school district, San Diego County Office of Education’s Juvenile Court and Community Schools (SDCOE JCCS), does have a mission statement, but it was created under previous leadership and is currently just embedded at the bottom of district newsletters. The mission statement is as follows:

JCCS educators are committed to high expectations, social justice, and equality for all students. They value diversity and strive to eradicate institutionalized racism and discrimination in all forms. Their priority is to raise achievement of all students while eliminating the achievement gap between students of color and white students. They accomplish this through the delivery of culturally and linguistically responsive standards-driven instruction, courageous and advocacy-oriented leadership, and relevant professional development. All JCCS community members stand personally committed and professionally accountable for the achievement of this mission

At last week’s district-wide school year…

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