Essay on Welcome Stranger (English Belonging Related Text)

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Name of Text: “Welcome Stranger”
Composer &
Date of Publication: Stephanie Dowrick, 2008
Type of Text: Feature Article
What is the text about?
The text basically gets you to question whether you are an includer or excluder. It’s about people fitting in to different groups at all ages.

Identify links to belonging:
What elements of this text explore the concept of belonging?
The whole text explores people’s connections to others in different groups and settings and questions our role in our sense of belonging and how we make other’s feel.

Consider the composer’s purpose/intention:
Why do you think the composer made this text?
She’s giving her opinion and trying to persuade her audience to be more inclusive. She is informing
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Very persuasive. It depicts perceptions of belonging and how important it is for our wellbeing that we do belong.

“They are society’s treasures”

Metaphor It positions us to want be one of those treasures/ it’s persuasive. We can identify with a treasure, because we all want to be treasured, that is looked after and appreciated-after all that is what is belonging is al about.

What are the characters’ / persona’s / composer’s perceptions of their belonging?
The composer’s perception of belonging is that it is important, and it is just as important to offer belonging to others, to give it, as well as to take it.

What are the characters’ / persona’s / composer’s experiences and notions of: identity? Belonging gives people a sense of identity which provides security and happiness.

Our sense of belonging is dependent upon our connections with others.

acceptance? Do we accept others.

understanding? We have to understand people, the need to belong.

Are there characters who enrich or challenge the group? Explain how they do this.
The includers are the ones who encrich the community and the excluders challenge the community.

Are attitudes to belonging modified over time?

Do any characters make choices not to belong?

Are there any barriers preventing belonging?
The people who excluder others.

How is this text similar or different to Strictly Ballroom?

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