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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Esmeralda Gomez Sheran and I’m Dayton Ryden. First of all we would like to thank each and everyone of you for being here tonight, please know we are pleased to have you and we are proud of you for helping support the TNT grads along their journey.

We are here tonight in order to celebrate all of our success with Teach North Texas, a program that didn’t just teach us how to survive in a classroom, but how to thrive in one. One of the many truths we’ve learned in our time here at Teach North Texas, is that every student brings with them their own story into the classroom. The same is true for us here tonight.

Some of us knew coming into UNT that we were going to be teachers.

I was part of the AVID
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Throughout the years, we have all been in close contact with TNT Master Teachers. Both of us agree that the relationships we build with the Master Teachers are one of the greatest assets of being in Teach North Texas. Nowhere else in our time at UNT have we seen the amount of dedication, sincerity, and passion about our future success. As a student, what more can you ask for in a professor? To say that they have been willing to help us is a serious understatement; they have been eager to help us. When you know that our Master Teachers want nothing more than to see us succeed, they become extremely easy to approach for help. And for that, we are both very grateful. A few of the master teachers who have impacted on us on this journey are - Dr. Sherman, Ms. Biehan, Ms. Terry, and Dr. Watson - When balancing TNT class and our content courses became arduous, and we all can agree was every other week, they fueled our passion for teaching, and motivated us to thrive. Through the midst of our hardest struggles, they never let us forget that we could persevere, and encouraged us to reach our highest potential, they were the models of how to set high expectations for students. For that, we thank you greatly. And who could forget our dear advisor, Jenn? Jennifer McDonald has been a huge support to all of us in TNT. How many times have we all gone to her completely stressed about an upcoming semester or vent about our hard classes. She has always been there to fix whatever we mess up and to just have a nice conversation. So thank you Jenn, for dealing with us, guiding us, and loving

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