Weight Loss Medication : Diet Pills Or Anti Obesity Drugs Essay

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Weight loss medication, also known as diet pills or anti-obesity drugs controls or reduces weight by regulating the absorption of calories. Weight loss medications are available as Over-the-Counter drugs, prescription drugs and herbal supplements. Prescription drugs are FDA regulated. These drugs are issued strictly with a doctor’s prescription, the doctor also closely monitor’s their use. Certain weight loss prescription drugs with Scheduled stimulants are regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). OTC medications are available without a doctor’s notice or prescription and most are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Herbal diet supplements, on the other hand, are available with no prescription. These medications are easily available at nutrition and health food stores. Most herbal medications for weight loss are classified by FDA as food products.

Common Prescription Drugs for Weight Loss
Prescription weight loss drugs are usually ordered for patients who have serious health risks such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and Diabetes type 2 or those who have serious difficulty controlling their weight through dieting or exercise. Studies indicate that patients who use weight loss drugs may lose up to 10 % of their weight in one year, especially if the drug is taken alongside a diet and exercise plan. The most commonly used brand of diet pills today include:
• Adipex-P – Adipex-P is an anorectic and appetite…

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