Weight Discrimination And How Obesity Affects Young Children Essay

753 Words Feb 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Weight Discrimination and Bullying was the reading that explained a great deal to clarify my thinking and altered my assumptions, it remained an obvious choice to reflection upon. Overall the facts were compelling, however the principal topics I selected were, weight stigmatization in the workplace and how obesity affects young children. The ideas that shocked me and stuck out the utmost, was the correlation between individual’s weight and their salary, and the age at which negative attitudes towards obese people start.
The workplace seems like an unlikely environment for weight discrimination; is what I believed. I had the impression that the workplace was about intelligence, collaboration and getting tasks completed. Following the reading, it was obvious that I was uneducated regarding this subject. Additionally, I assumed that adults in the workplace would be more open minded and less judgmental of the overweight population, considering it is concerning employment and not in any personal matter. Puhl and King (2013) reference research that shows obese people in the workforce, how they may be turned down for a job, promotion or terminated since they are overweight. In the same fashion, they discuss how obese employees collect lower salaries having duplicate jobs and credentials, compared to those of a healthy weight. I was determined to find these alleged benefits of having thinner employees, Hale (2010) assessed research done by PricewaterhouseCoopers (the largest…

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