Week2 Summarry Debate Essays

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Debate Topic Summary – Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Firearm in Schools?

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Firearm in School?

Choosing a topic for Team C debate summary encompass an extensive amount of communication. It started with team members presenting several topics of interest in the forum. From same sex marriage, cable television, disrespect to president of the United States, juvenile accountability of crime after age 18, raising legal age to purchase alcohol, outlaw abortion, and teachers carrying firearm in school. The team narrowed it down to two topics. The team members discussed via teleconference which topic would be most favorable to write about then selected one. Each member shared why she agreed with the
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Teachers are going to school to learn how to fire a gun rather than going to acquire more knowledge in how to handle a disruptive student or understand his or her behavior. The media has provided attention to this debatable subject. Controversial This topic was chosen because it is one of the most current and one of the most talked about discussions to a lot of people all over the United States. This will be a very controversial topic and I think that it will spark good forum on both sides of the debate. When it comes to children, we try to always put them first because a lot of them do not speak out and we are their voices. After the recent school shootings in different places such as the Sandy Hooks Elementary and Columbine School, American parents with school age children are on edge and should really be taken to heart and dealt with more effectively.
Different aspects of why or why not This topic appears to be interesting and was chosen because the different aspects from people and also the team’s opinion on the subject. Some people think that teachers do need to start carrying firearms because of all the violence that has been going on in schools. Almost every month you hear about a shooting that is going on at a school. On the other-hand, some individuals think that they should not be able to carry firearms to school. Some think that people should be focus on

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