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Women and Men and the Family Life Cycle


Complete the following chart and questionnaire:

Differences of Men and Women in the Changing Life Cycle

|Circumstances |Women |Men |
|Adolescent |Young ladies spend money in enhancing their looks as a |Traditional gender roles compel boys to be strong, |
| |result from influences in media compelling them to focus on|resilient and physical. Boys have
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They have also |
| |assurances of a |started to contribute to home life. |
| |maternity leave. Mothers are responsible for any issues | |
| |affecting their pregnancy or the birth of their children. | |
|Opportunities impacted by gender |Equal pay for equivalent work |Acceptance of gays has increased compared to before. |

Select two families with which you are familiar (families in real life or families in television). The two families should have some variety in terms of race and class. For each family, draw a genogram. Refer to Ch. 5 of The Expanded Family Life Cycle for an example of a genogram.

Genogram of Family 1 The Duncan Family

Genogram of Family 2

Answer the following questions:

How are the two families different in terms of race and class?

The two families I selected were Good luck Charlie and Jesse. These are the two shows my son likes to watch and they can be found on the
Disney channel. These families show differences in race and culture. They also

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