Weed And Seed Program Essay

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The Weed and program is a joint federal, state and local coordinated law enforcement and community initiative program provided by The United States Department of Justice that was originally created in 1991 in hopes to weed out gang activities, drug trafficking and usage, and violent crimes, and then seed the area through social and economic revitalization by restoring the neighborhood(s). The seeding process is political, problematic, and complicated than the weeding effort. The Weed and Seed program was created to improve the quality and way of life in high rated crime cities across the United States. The Weed and Seed program is a community based strategy. The Weed and Seed Program was put into effect in different ways the communities that …show more content…
Most Weed and Seed programs have their own objectives, but mostly follow the guidelines mentioned by Casagrande (n.d). The Weed and Seed program was founded with three main objectives. Casagrande (n.d) stated that the three main objectives are, “ (1) develop a comprehensive, multiagency strategy to control and prevent violent crime, drug trafficking, and drug-related crime in target neighborhoods; (2) coordinate and integrate existing and new initiatives to concentrate resources and maximize their impact on reducing and preventing violent crime, drug trafficking, and gang activity; and (3) mobilize community residents in the target areas to assist law enforcement in identifying and removing violent offenders and drug traffickers from the community and to assist other human service agencies in identifying and responding to service needs of the target area.” The city of Pittsburgh 's Seed and Weed program objectives differ because two of their objectives is to “Coordinate existing federal, state, local and private agency resources and concentrating them in the target area to reduce crime; foster housing and economic development support prevention activities; encourage education and training; and provide social and …show more content…
The broken window theory is a theory that means if something small is broken such as a window, fix it before it is seen as if no one cares about the broken window and people will begin to break more and bigger windows and maybe break into the building until it becomes a problem. The broken window theory is to fix the small problem before it becomes a big problem and I believe that is what the Weed and Seed program does for a community. The social environment theory is the relationship between someone’s social environment and that person. Social environments can be defined as a person’s Social environments can include social groups, institutions, social hierarchies or even entire societies and cultures. Most comminutes that implement the Seed and Weed program are located in low income, high crime rate areas. Most crimes are committed in low income areas so some people are a product of their environment. The crime opportunity theory suggest that crimes are committed when it poses little effort and comes with a high reward. All crimes has opportunity but not all opportunities pose a crime. The Weed and Seed program are in areas where crime rates are high because of the opportunity to commit a crime and the reward of getting something that they want or can make money

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