Wedding Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Growing up without any siblings is a life no one should have to live. At least that’s what I thought as a child. Struggling through family gatherings and visits to grandma’s house are no fun without someone to pester along the way. I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t asking my parents for a baby brother or sister. They refused to reason with me, so I took matters into my own hands. The upcoming Christmas I asked Santa Claus to bring me a younger sibling and he carefully considered my request. On Christmas day I was very disappointed when there was no bassinet with a baby under the Christmas tree. But little did I know Santa had in fact delivered my gift. At the beginning of February, I caught my parents whispering in the kitchen. I heard some choice words said about Santa Claus and started to question my parents’ discussions. Soon enough I annoyed them to their breaking point and they told me about the baby that we would be having in October.
Having a pregnant mom has its perks. Going to the ice cream shop everyday to satisfy her chocolate cravings was definitely one of those perks. But I soon grew tired of all of the shopping. I went into so many different shopping centers for baby items that I couldn 't tell one pastel color from another! Although I did find out that I do like baby showers. Everything the baby needed was pretty much bought for us, meaning no more shopping. After some time my mother started to slow down and decided to lie in bed for the remainder of…

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