Religious Experience Essay

For my other religious experience I had the privilege of attending a friend’s Catholic wedding. The church was everything I expected it to be with tall beautiful stained glass windows and sturdy wooden pews. Even though the church was in the middle of downtown Nashville, I felt as though I was in some peaceful little town in the middle of nowhere. The whole experience was more of a shock than I was expecting; I knew that mass would be different than attending my normal church, but I honestly had no idea how different it truly would be.
When we walked into the church, it was hard not to notice the giant white candle lit in the middle of the aisle way; my family nor I had any idea as to why it was there. The priest and deacon brushed on it
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The best man, maid of honor, deacon, and choir boy were responsible for setting out and preparing the bread and wine; I found this especially strange because one would think that the bread and wine would already be set out so as to have a smooth transition, but it was not. The best man and maid of honor brought the wine from the back of the church and handed it off to the choir boy who had laid out a white linen cloth to set it on. The priest the whole time was walking around quietly murmuring prayers in what could have possibly have been Latin. He then blessed the cup and drank from it, passing it over to the bride and groom. Then thereafter, we were “dismissed” by aisle to take communion. The priest and deacon would then bless and serve the sliver of bread to the person who would take it and walk over to the cup of wine to drink. Everyone drank out of the same cup, which seems very unsanitary, and walked back to their seats. I compared this to how I take communion at a Church of Christ or Baptist church; it is very different in that in a sense we serve ourselves. At the Church of Christ and Baptist church, trays of bread are passed down the pews, and everyone breaks a piece of bread off and takes a cup of juice. Sometimes though we get up and go to a table where it is all laid out for you, but either way it feels as though the act is more personal and not so methodical than Catholic

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