Web Analytics : Study Of Impact Of A Website On Its Users Essay

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Web analytics can be simply termed as the study of impact of a website on its users. Web Analytics can be used to answer some of important questions such as:
1. Number of people visiting the website?
2. Number of unique visitors recorded?
3. How they got to know about their website?
4. Time spent on the website and on which part?
5. Users Search Criteria?
All the above information can be used by the e commerce companies to know about their user’s interest and can make some attractive recommendations to the users which helps to improve their business. Using web analytics will also help the website administrators to understand their website’s performance and on which part of the website there is more traffic, etc.
Web analytics provides these site administrators and publishers with data that can be used to streamline a website to create a better user experience.
Web analytics also helps in Customer Relationship Management which also can be defined as CRM analytics i.e. processing data about their customers in order to make better business decisions.
Web Analytics mainly comprises of two categories:
 Offsite Web Analytics: This type of web analytics mainly includes the measurement of website’s targeted audience, its visibility, degree to which this website is campaigned, etc.
 Onsite Web analytics: This type of analytics includes a measure of visitor’s behavior on the website in a commercial perspective. This data is typically compared against key performance indicators for…

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