Weak Evaluation And Instrumental Reason Essay

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In the discussion of weak evaluation and instrumental reason, one controversial issue has been whether instrumental reason is an instance of weak evaluation. On the one hand, Taylor is concerned both with weak evaluation and instrumental reasoning. My own view is that I am also concerned with them and believe that instrumental reason is an instance of weak evaluation; but, only to some extent. In this paper, I will explain weak evaluation and instrumental reason as well as why they are of concern for Taylor: I will also give my view in regards to if instrumental reason is an instance of weak evaluation. To begin, one must first understand what exactly a weak evaluation is. A weak evaluation is a decision that has no depth; it can be a meek decision based on good or bad. For example, if one wants a movie from a store and makes the choice based only on whether stealing is good or bad, then that is a weak evaluation. That quick decision based on only one level (good or bad) is a weak evaluation; there is no extra depth or thought to it. There is nothing robust about the idea it is simply good or bad/ want or don’t want. This is opposite a strong evaluation. This is a decision that comes with the ability to make judgement and follow through on an idea. A strong evaluation has lots of depth and is very robust. For example, it extends past good or bad in the previous example. It could be what kind of person do I want to be and how will my actions reflect that. This would be a…

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