Weak Curriculum Vs Inadequate Instruction Essay

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Weak Curriculum vs. Inadequate Instruction
Education is of no value to students if a weak curriculum and an adequate instruction is the foundation of a school. In order to achieve a school of higher-level learning students, it is imperative that an adequate curriculum is designed in which students are being challenged with academic rigor and receiving effective feedback from the teachers. The evolution of education has made teachers change the manner in which they instruct students, and teachers should use adequate and effective instructional methods that best help students learn. For many years, teachers utilized a lecture style of instruct the students, but with the innovation of technology and the evolving of our educational system in the United States, teachers can no longer depend on textbooks and notes to adequately instruct students. In addition, teachers have to provide students with the proper aids in which they need to achieve on a high level academically. This discussion in relation to weak curriculum versus inadequate instruction will focus on why students a low achieving and how they can become high achieving students.
Grading System For many years, the educational system has utilized a grading system such as progress reports and report cards to inform both students and parents on the students’ academic progress. Progress reports are used as a midway grade in the middle of the semester to inform students and parents on how the student’s progress and every…

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