Essay on `` We 're All Different Our Own Ways `` By Joshua Yuschasz

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Have you ever seen people that look, dress, act, or have interest that are different from you? What do you think about them? They are a bunch of weird people, and you are likely start to tease and make them your laughing stock. After reading “ We’re All Different in Our Own ways” by Joshua Yuschasz from NPR’s This I Believe, I started to wonder about if I had ever done the same as those people stated earlier. If so, then I need to change my way of conceiving by giving them respect for their individuality rather than punishing them. In his article, Joshua mentions that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, and his peers would feel annoyed with the presence of him; however, he accepts that as his uniqueness towards his peers. After I have lived for nearly 19 years, I have discovered that my act of being simple when dressing, my way of managing time, and my tenacious determination are what make me special from the millions of teenagers I always see every day. Like Joshua, I want to encourage the readers to learn the need for diversity in society. The first point that makes me different between other teenagers and I is my simplicity in wearing clothes. Lots of teenagers of the same ages extremely concern about how their appearance in front of others. If they go for shopping, they will buy well-known brands of clothes, shoes, caps, or many other accessories. Also, they will update the latest fashions that are popular right now, and they can talk for more than an hours on that topic. For…

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