We Should NOT Be Allowed In The Current American Justice System

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Justice is treating people fairly. Therefore its clear that institutions that dispense justice should be nothing but fair to the people under their jurisdictions. However, because the need to maintain social order and at the same time keep the rights and freedoms of individuals, the current American justice system faces problems. The Main question has become if it is possible or not to be just to the citizens and maintain the authority of the government fairly And how it can be done if possible.
Although it is hard for the justice system to protect the rights of the people and equally protect the legitimate power of the governing bodies, it is possible. Striking the balance of the rights as well as the obligations of the people of America can be done by properly defining the laws and allowing people all their rights in the process
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For instance, the judiciary should ensure that people are well represented by public attorneys who are no overworked and are therefore to ensure that their clients are well argued for in the courts of law. Suspects should also be convicted based on all the evidence and also be presumed innocent until proven guilty as the law demands. Prejudice should also not be allowed in the justice system. People should be judged base on the law, evidence and the magnitude of their offense. In cases where juries are required, they should be left to work without interference. Also, issues of race should not be used in profiling of people. Fairness will improve the reputation of the system and also the faith of the people towards the judicial system. The power of the authority lies in the people who sacrifice their rights to enable the government work. Therefore, the judiciary should ensure that people's rights are not

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