Essay on We Need A Better World? Beds N ' More Inc.

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The world has many problems, they range from war, to hunger, it’s up to the people (us) to help halt these glitches, and make to world a better place, for us and for the future generations. Children all around the world are suffering, a majority of the suffering is generated by water-bred diseases like malaria. Mosquitos enter their sleeping areas biting the children, causing deathly or near-death diseases. What is the world doing about it? Beds n ' More Inc. strive to bring about a better world, a better future for the potential future of this world, the children. Beds n ' More have invented a portable, mosquito-stopping bed, that will suit the everyday hiker and the needy, the SuperBed. Buying this amazing piece of equipment, will also give a child in Ethiopia a better future, as well as a better personal, healthier future. When one of these items are purchased from a local sports store or outdoor store like Bass Pro, a bed will be given to a child in need in Ethiopia. So you want to make the world a better place? Well this is a start. My mission is to satisfy the needs of the adventurous, and provide a healthy hand to the children in Ethiopia. To do this I must devise a product that will sell, enough to successfully help the high child death-rate in Ethiopia decrease.
Ethiopia is a country full of needs, one of which it that it has one of the worst cases of poor sanitation in the water supply in the world, which makes my goal greater than just giving beds to the needy,…

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