We Are Too Much Time On Technology Essay

1653 Words Mar 1st, 2015 null Page
The introduction of modern luxuries such as automobiles,phones, and remote control etc. Humans depend too much time on technology to get thru the day. With generation growing up in modern society , tasks such as going shopping or talking to your friend can be done at home through phone or computer in this modern society ,there is no need to look big or strong except for athletes or bodybuilders. Everyone has their own The stereotype. Its part of human nature to judge people without truly knowing them. Misconception on other hand originates from someone judging a person, or in this case a group/community. Bodybuilders are perceived as muscle heads, gay android junkies. People can 't really judge someones inside by the way they look from outside.
Stereotypes are part of our life. We hear stereotypes everyday and everywhere, sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation where we make stereotypes for a larger group of people. Everyone person young or old is labeled either positive or negative stereotypes. Stereotype overall effect our daily lives and making assumption can lead to unfair judgment about members of particular groups just because of their membership in that group. stereotype is oversimplified generalization about a person or a group of people without regard for individual differences.Stereotype is a natural instinct these days people do it without even realizing it himself. Stereotypes passed down by generation to the next exist to this day. A view or opinion…

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