Watson, Organising And Managing Work

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Register to read the introduction… Their day is highly fragmented as they rapidly switch not only from issue to issue but from one social interaction to another.
They spend a great deal of time talking with people. This occurs on the telephone, in formal meetings and in conversations that occur inside and outside the workplace, in offices, in corridors, when walking between buildings and when visiting people as they do their jobs. A large proportion of these conversations is with people over whom the manager has no authority.
Managerial behaviour looks generally reactive. It rarely appears to follow a sequence of reflective planning followed by actions to implement specific decisions. Managers rely a great deal on gossip, hearsay and guesswork to stay informed.
Formal reports and management information systems play only a small part in informing managerial thinking – and what is taken from these tends to be contextualised by more informal sources of knowledge and insight.
They thus spend little time analysing formal information in the quiet of their offices or systematically planning how they are going to spend their
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the human capacity for reasoning and making decisions is severely limited. managers, however powerful they may be, are at the same time very much dependent on those around them. the ‘method behind the madness’ of (effective) managers is one of continually negotiating, trading and exchanging with the great range of people upon whom they are dependent.

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Manager competence and effectiveness


The possession of skills, knowledge and aptitudes that a manager can demonstrate in action and, which potentially enables that manager to bring about the completion of the tasks in their area of responsibility in a way which will make as great a possible contribution to the performance of the organisation and to its long-term survival.

The successful application

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