Waters Chromatogrophy Essay

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I would try to keep Burnett on my team, although I am not completely convinced that he should continue working in the capacity of a salesman. He has dedicated nine successful years to Waters and I believe that his experience in and passion for the industry is beneficial to the company. He also has a good understanding of customer needs and perception of the changing market. Based on annual sales, Burnett has performed well in a weaker territory in Boston, grossing $1.4 million in 1983 and a projected $1.5 million in 1984, which is greater than that of the average salesperson of $1.3 million. Burnett’s projection for the current year would fall short of the volume quota of $1.7 million, though, and it is unclear whether this is an
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Burnett may be better suited for the NAM position because of his ability to maintain relationships and manage accounts and of his experience as a telephone-lead screener. He could also be a great service representative, that is what he already spends the majority of his time doing.

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In my opinion Waters Chromatography’s sales management process have greatly affected Burnett’s performance. Burnett perfectly fits the mold of the type of sales representatives that Waters targets: a good technical background with experience in HPLC, however I do not think enough emphasis is placed on skills development – more training programs should be offered aside from the mandatory new hire training, and it should not be the sole responsibility of the regional manager to do so. Additionally, Burnett notes that the service personnel in his territory are overextended and the turnaround time is slow. He understands how important customer support is to his new customers, so he ends up spending a lot of his time doing the work himself in order to keep his customers happy. This could be a reason he is not meeting his current quota.
Territory management is also big factor in affecting Burnett’s performance: over the last three years the RM has realigned the sales territories, and it is difficult to create customer loyalty if territories continue to be split and reps are assigned

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