Water Use Of Of Hawaii By Hawaii Essay example

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Water use in Hawaii
When water is being wasted at home or at work, you didn’t care at all because you think there are more than enough water to last. When you were in a third world country or a place that is considered a desert and in need of water, you started to realized how much water we have wasted for so long and the risk we putting ourselves into. Most of the time we have witnessed people wasting water, but didn’t say anything or know anything about water use. Some of the problems and consequences that will affect the water usage in Hawaii, include that as the population and the demands of the people goes up, so the water level goes down and it makes the water less affordable for everyone (Dunster), the cost effective and efficient way to absorb rainwater and replenish groundwater. The last one is polluted runoff results from human activities on the land and in the water. Sources of the polluted runoff include urban areas, agriculture, and cesspools. The citizens of Hawaii have the ability and responsibility to protect their water usage and need laws in place to help conserve their water for the future.
II. Background
In 1879, cattle rancher James Campbell brought in a well-driller to search for water on the plains of Ewa. After drilling several hundred feet down, they discovered a vast underground source of pure, fresh water. Within 10 years, a series of artesian wells were drilled within the Honolulu city limits. By 1888, artesian water was supplying…

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