Water Pollution Of The Danjiangkou Reservoir Essay

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Water pollution in the Danjiangkou Reservoir is getting dangerously out of hand. The pollution is getting worse due to the lead in the water and untreated sewage. Water pollution is classified as the contamination of water bodies. The Contamination can be caused from inadequate treatment of pollutants. As said in the book Water Pollution, “much of water pollution comes from factories that make cars, clothing, shoes, refrigerators, computers, and books and they have to get rid of the chemicals and sometimes they dump used chemicals into the rivers, streams, and oceans.” Marilyn Beach makes a good observation in her article, Water, Pollution, And Public Health In China ; “A factory at the water’s edge; not only did it haze the air with putrid fumes, it also discharged a steady stream of untreated pollutants directly into the lake”. Water pollution can come from many sources and can leave a lasting impression on the water source.
The pollution of the Danjiangkou Reservoir is getting worse due to lead in the water. Lead in the water system can lead to lead poisoning, which according to Stephen Chen’s article, Beijing Drinking Water Reservoir Had Lead Levels '20 times WHO Standard ' for at Least Three Years, can then cause “delays in physical or mental development with detectable deficits in attention span and learning abilities in children, while in adults the symptoms include kidney problems and increased blood pressure”. Chen’s article also reported; “lead levels in the…

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