Water Is The Most Precious Resource Essay

2025 Words Nov 9th, 2016 9 Pages
Water is the most precious resource to mankind. Every living substance needs water, from humans to plants and animals. It is the one thing no living creature can survive without. The prospect of losing or even just having restricted access to water is a very frightening one. Water shortages not only pose an epic threat for the understandable reason, our fear of dehydration and our need to drink, but also to the lives of our friends, family, or beloved pets. With little or no water people would have to make very difficult decisions like letting an animal dehydrate so they can have enough water for their families to survive, or who they should ration the water to and how much to ration to save as many people as possible. In the state of California, the people living there have been experiencing a very severe drought over the past several years that has cost California millions of dollars in agriculture and manufacturing due to low water supplies. Though their drought is not apocalyptic yet, it could yet worsen and lead to catastrophe. The changes that can come from such a disaster would change the lives of everyone in society, across the Unites States. Even though California is currently the state suffering the most due to lack of water, it is always possible that another state could take California’s yoke, or even share it. There are many ways a water shortage could come about such as in a drought, the continuing poor management of water, or political issues. Water…

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