Water Is The Most Important Properties Of Water

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PROPERTIES OF WATER THAT MAKE LIFE POSSIBLE Water, with no doubt, is known to be the most important component of nature. It also covers the largest percentage of earth (75%) as well as a better percentage of living organisms. Water marks the pivotal point of action for many organisms. However, this can only be possible if it has certain properties that help in propelling life. Therefore, it is important to know much about water. The chemical formula of water is H2O i.e. it consists of two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule which are held together by a strong covalent bonds. On a larger scope, water molecules are attached to each other by a hydrogen bond. The presence of hydrogen bonds makes water highly cohesive thus sticks together. This discussion will be looking at the properties of water, how it physiologically affects us and the dietary sources of clean water.
Water is a
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As clear as it is, light is able to penetrate through to reach aquatic organisms. This is very important especially to aquatic green plants which require sunlight for photosynthesis.

Water acts as the main transport mechanism of the body. It dissolves digested food materials to body tissues through metabolism. It also transport waste materials from body tissues to their respective excretory organs. Water regulates the body temperature through sweating and perspiration. It also acts as a shock absorber for the brain, spinal code and fetus. Water also serves as a lubricant for joints hence smooth and easy movement of the body.

a) Surface water – this is water available above the ground e.g. wells, rivers, etc.
b) Underground water – this is water available deep in the ground. It is accessed through digging boreholes
c) Rain water – typically the readily available source of soft water. It forms as a result of condensation of evaporating

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