Water Importance Of Water

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A water molecule is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Oxygen and Hydrogen are gases but when combined form into a liquid compound; water. The hydrogen atoms make an angle of around 105 degrees with the oxygen atom. The oxygen atom dominates an end of the molecule while the hydrogen atoms dominate the other. The asymmetry of the water molecule causes the oxygen end to have a slight negative charge while the hydrogen end has a slightly positive charge. A molecule with both (-) and a (+) end is called a polar molecule and sometimes can act like a magnet. The (+) end of one water molecule repels the (+) of a different water molecule but and attracts a different molecule (-) end. Since the water molecule is not like this it holds …show more content…
Earths water is always interacting, moving, and changing. Water boils at 212 Fahrenheit and freezes at 32 Fahrenheit. Water is able to absorb a large amount of heat before getting hot. The reason temperature changes between seasons is because it is gradual rather than sudden, especially near oceans is because water helps regulate the rate air changes temperature. Water has a high surface tension which makes it elastic and sticky and it clumps together in drops.
Hydrogen bonding is the reason why water has the solvent capabilities it does. The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms covalently bound to oxygen atoms. This allows water to dissolve other molecules that have slightly positive or negative charge.
Water affects living organisms in many ways. Because water has a high heat capacity it is able to store energy as heat. The reason this is important to organisms is because they is water to cool down. Water also has a high surface tension which living organism can use as there habitat. The high surface tension of water allows organisms like insect to travel on the surface of water without sinking. Waters solvent property lets organism use the water for a way to transport substances and allows dissolved substance to easily react with each other. The transparency of water is important to plants because the light is able to penetrate the water for photosynthesis. Also is significant to animals because they are able to see while in the

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