Watching Television And The Media Essays

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In my study I discovered that most students do not prefer to watch television. People in todays society are not letting the airtime, influence when they watch a certain show they just watch when they have the time. In todays culture there is the idea of TV everywhere, the idea that a person can watch when ever and where ever. Television is having a difficult time with this new concept of constant entertainment, they do offer it, but most customers do not know about it or how to use it. (Poggi 1) Professors Clark F Greer and Douglas A Ferguson point out, “Although Americans still prefer watching a TV set, a study by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (2010) found that 26% of survey respondents watched TV shows and/or movies via the Internet. Furthermore, the study revealed that 6% watched on cell phones and 6% viewed video on portable devices.” (Greer 246) Television networks created apps to try and compete with the TV everywhere culture.
The graph (see Figure 2) shows the total minutes of entertainment delivered per month. It shows how television channels are not nearly as successful as Netflix. Television networks are using apps and websites so they can manage their channels and DVR storage among other things. Through these websites and apps, cable companies are trying to show and get the customer to see that television can be available any time that the customer is. Furthermore, individual channels have created their own TV everywhere apps. Channels…

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