Essay on Watching Cars Go By My Mom

1948 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Five hours of watching cars go by in my mom 's 2006 tan blazer while laying in the back with my little sister Alex covered in blankets and munching on cheez its, hot cheetos, and cheese sticks. We had to be very careful to not make a mess because we 'll be yelled at by our father for putting crumbles on the clean tan seats that he barely vacuumed that morning. Every time we go to New Mexico to see my grandparents on my moms or dads side of the family. We always take the same way and stop at the same gas stations to Gallup. Alex and I were always full of enjoy to see our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents because we hardly see them but out of the two days we stayed there we were mostly eager to see our older siblings Deborah and Sammy. Unlike Alex and me having a gap between our age they are only two years apart. Even though we didn 't live with them or really grow up with them we still call each other brother and sisters, and not half brother and sisters. They lived with my mom 's sister because at the time when my parents were in the process of moving to Arizona my mom thought it was better for them to stay with her family because my grandma won 't let her take them. She wanted them to grow up on the land and learn to speak the native language. In every family there is anyways the rebel that doesn 't want to listen. In my family Deborah was the rebel always getting into trouble like fighting, staying out late and ditching school. Who can blame her, having all the…

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