Wasteful Habits In Bill Mckibben's 'Waste Not, Want Not'

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Our Wasteful Habits
We all need to take initiative in improving our environment by making small changes on our daily lives. Various natural resources are being destroyed daily, so that we can have a good life, but what people don’t acknowledge is that this waste will eventually damage the environment more than it is doing now. Therefore, we must make a difference by changing our wasteful habits before it is too late. Each individual is responsible for throwing away waste, such as cans, plastic bottles, electronics, and paper bags among others; therefore, we must make changes in our daily lives before the waste turns our environment into a disaster. In “Waste Not, Want Not”, Bill McKibben argues that we can make a difference by changing our
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Making small or big changes like passing bills can help a lot with the waste that we are increasing daily. For example, the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act has allowed people to be able to use the rivers again, since the water is no longer dirty with the waste that people throw in the streets and that eventually goes in the drain and into the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Waste doesn’t only affect the environment, but also the creatures that live and survive in the oceans, rivers, and lakes. We need to improve our society, by making different changes, which will eventually make a big difference. Furthermore, we waste so much on an average, which can be seen as a social justice, as others don’t have the things we have. For example, all the food that we waste could feed a whole community in a third world country. There are thousand of places in the United States where a lot of food is thrown daily because we tend to always purchase more than we need or the restaurants tend to serve more than the necessary. We don’t stop to think that there are other countries that don’t have food to eat and that would do anything to get it. It is sad to see that those that have more are more disgraceful than those that don’t. We have to take care of our planet and the living things that survive in it because if we don’t do it …show more content…
The waste that is thrown away daily is increasingly affecting animals maybe more than the environment because animals don’t know what to eat. They eat whatever they find and that waste can kill them. By making a few changes in our daily routines, we can save the planet in which we live and also on our monthly expenses. Some of those changes can include taking shorter showers, turning off the water when it is not being used, and carpooling with someone. Carpooling doesn’t only help to reduce pollution, but it can also help save money on the gas. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can make a big difference in our environment. We have always made bad use of water and electricity, therefore, buying Energy Star kitchen and home appliances, which are designed to help save energy, money, and prevent greenhouse gas emission. On the other hand, According to Global Warming Facts, “[replacing] a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) CFLs uses 60% less energy than a regular bulb. This simple switch will save about 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.” We should consider the fact that we are so lucky to have what we have, but instead we just make bad use of it. We must take care of our planet by saving water and not wasting a lot of energy. Los Angles is in a drought and if we don’t do something then one day we will

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